About Us

Our Emblem

KCMST's emblem is drawn out of free human shapes expressing happiness, achievement & freedom.

The College is not providing Education alone but accompanied with Practical aspect. The practical aspect comprises of opportunities for students to support their education themselves as well as that the education provided is very near to the reality of life out in the world. This education preach not only provides a sense of freedom in the students but also the happiness & sense of belonging to the faculty of learned people & a sense of achievement

The logo is also monogrammed with the Initials 'K' & 'C', though the letter K is visible in reverse form.

The punch line suggested for the college "Sporting Life Education" follows the same pursuit. Sporting carries its meaning as something shown/ followed or made available with great enthusiasm, zest & honesty. Life Education carries a pun in its meaning, where it says that the college provides education that is near to real life realms & also that the education provided is well suitable to support their lives.