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Corporate Excellence Development Programme (CEDP) Part A

With 7 free Certification programme

Empowered by IIT Mumbai ,PAS


Corporate Excellence Development Programme (CEDP) Part B

Dual Specialization certification Programme (Part B)**

Empowered by UCG & IIT Mumbai ,PAS


Everyone across the world today is talking of development of appropriate job/career /start up .CEDP is specially design as per the industrial need. In this programme more focus towards development of corporate skill by classroom and online training programme. it is a unique feature of CEDP. Therefore this programme has accepted by the corporate sector in India as well as abroad. CEDP Programme prepares students extensively for industries .which helps to make different identity in corporate world.

2. CEDP Specialization

CEDP Programme Specially Base on the industrial Scenario. CEDP provides much option to choose Specialization as per the current industrial trend. Which develops career within very short of span? students can achieve this with graduation degree .this interesting feature makes dual Specialization..

Personal Makeover Program

PERSONAL MAKEOVER is important part of CEDP . with helps students can understand cosmic society and culture, understanding self talent ,meditation for mindset ,time management it helps overall personality development.

Professional make over : professional skill is essential skill for career growth. Which makes different identity in a group. it helps for understanding the organizational culture ,team building ,managerial skill. It makes global leader and task performer.

Social and ethical Social and ethical Skill is also a part of Corporate Culture which plays very important role for taking decision making for society. Without this quality no one can be a responsible citizen. Which is icons for national development.

Social Leadership it is quality of creation footsteps for society for being the part of moment .which helps to develop group for positive development for creational national integrity. Social gap can be filled for national building.

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